Hybrid proof of work / proof of stake system

Hybrid proof of work / proof of stake system

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The POW algo is 100% ASIC proof – it’s a custom scripted language that changes every 90 days via a proprietary on chain distribution system – completely decentralized and non-deterministic. Development is done and a working reference miner and fullnode is available on github public repo.

The POS algo is contract based and allows stakers to use any amount and obtain yield accordingly. All stakers gain from mined block validation.

Custom on chain virtual machine (not clone of ETH, this is 100% built from the ground up). It’s based on CISC architecture (think Z80, 8080 CPU). The Opcode specification is already complete and many opcodes are operational.

Custom on chain voting system for community consensus. Each holder of the currency is entitled to vote their coins on any issue which is submitted to the community. The community then votes and the foundation executes on any submissions which pass. Governance of the crypto is 100% decentralized, autonomous, on chain and anonymous.

Fair issuance – no pre-mine, no developer reserve, no private equity, no airdrop, nothing. Mainnet launches and miners and stakers begin to earn. A portion of each block reward goes to the foundation to fund the ongoing maintenance of the coin and as a reserve for initiatives which are passed by the community.  A portion of each block mined goes to a charity which supports primary school education for low income families.

A completed whitepaper which focuses on real-world applications and details key features and their concrete benefits and practical implementations. No fluff here.

If you would like to learn more head over to https://dynamocoin.org check out the whitepaper, read some of my medium posts and even join our discord or reddit.

This is not a moon coin. We are looking for slow steady adoption and growth through real fundamental value. I’m spending six figures out of my own pocket to develop this.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading


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