Crypto-democracy in action

Dynamo Tokenomics
Ticker Symbol: DYN

Mainnet Launch Launched May 23, 2021
Premine / dev reserve None
Max block size 10MB
Mining algorithm Custom script based, ASIC proof
Target block time 15 seconds
Rewards per block DYN: 1 to miner (+fees), 0.05 to foundation, 0.05 to charity
Staking commencement After 1,000,000 DYN in circulation (approx. Nov 23, 2021)
Coin issue cap None
Block reward halving None
Economic policy Flexible based on rewards and fee burning (0% fee burn initially)
Initial USD price $0.10


• Target block time is average and network difficulty is adjusted every 2 minutes

• Proof of stake will commence after 1,000,000 coins are in circulation in order to avoid the possibility of centralization during the early mining process. Once proof of stake begins, block rewards will be modified to:

Miner: 0.6 (+fees)
Staker(s): 0.4 (shared pro-rata in proportion to amount staked
Foundation: 0.05
Charity: 0.05

• The economic policy can be modified by consensus of the token holders in the following ways:

Adjusting the block rewards up or down
Adjusting the proportion paid to each constituency
Adjusting the percentage of fees burned

• Fees are paid by users to transact coins, create contracts and execute contracts

• Initial USD price based on liquidity created by the Dynamo Foundation. This price is expected to rapidly and, perhaps greatly, fluctuate shortly after mainnet launch.