March 30, 2021 – Ethereum mining as we know it is coming to and end soon. EIP-1559 threatens to burn miner profits. Level 2 exchanges will move most gas consumers to private networks. ETH 2.0 proof of stake will be the final blow. With this in mind, I’ve assembled a curated list of other currencies with subjective ratings and links to detailed findings.

Disclaimer: this site is not offering investment or legal advice. You should perform your own diligence and make and informed decision for yourself. All of these subjective opinions are my own. The information I have gathered here has been sourced from publicly available sites, discord or phone conversations, email exchanges or other personal interactions I have had, however there is no warranty or guarantee about the accuracy of any of the information. At any given time I may have holdings in one or more crypto assets listed on this site.

Coin NameRaven
Last Review DateMarch 30, 2021
Detailed ReviewRVN Review